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Monday, May 5, 2014

Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah

It has been so long since I stepped into the historical site of Malacca, I mean really really explore the historical site of it, the last time for me was more than 10 years ago.

Malacca has always been in my heart. When I was small each year we will went back to Malacca to celebrate Hari Raya. I still remember eating rambutan fresh from the tree and play around the well near grandma’s house. Not to forget run away from the chickens when its came nearer as grandma has a dozens of chicken. Not forget to mentioned run away from the cats also as grandma has a dozens of cat inside the home hahha what a difference me and grandma, as I never attach to animals but grandma does, a lot.

It was when I visited historical site of Malacca recently, that I think Malacca has undergone a tremendous change, transform into remarkable Malacca. It changes a lot, and for me it becomes the must visited place for any tourist or event Malaysian. Malacca is so awesome, Malacca is so ‘historical’ and magnificent. And what is the most special is I can see new Malacca through my children eyes.

So, the great experience that we had and the amazing places we went in Malacca was:

11)      A Famosa
The hallmark of Malacca. It was built by the Portuguese in 1511 as a fortress and perhaps the most photographed.

2)      The Stadhuys
Built in 1650 as the official residence of Dutch Governors and their officers. Preserved in its original structure and form , it now houses the Historic Museum and Ethnography Museum

3) Dutch Square 
It is Malacca’s most picturesque spot on the riverfront along Jalan Kota. A favourite trishaw pickup point, it is distinguished by a group of bright, terracotta-red colonial Dutch buildings, built between 1660 and 1700.

4)      Malacca's Sultanate Palace

  It's the wooden replica houses the Cultural Museum of Malacca. Situated at the foot of St. Paul 's Hill, it is the only Malay palace from Malacca's glorious past of the sultanate era built with such detail

5) St. Francis Xavier's Church

It is an earlier Portuguese church built in 1553. The Gothic twin towered church is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier

6) Dutch Graveyard

Presently, 5 Dutch and 33 British graves are sited within its compound. This cemetery was used in two stages that is between 1670-1682 and later between 1818-1838. The grave with the tall column on it belongs to two British army officers who were killed during the Naning War (1831-1832).

7)Proclamation Of Independence Memorial

The former club house of Malacca Club now houses invaluable exhibits of the country's struggle leading to the independence

8) Menara Taming Sari is the first and only gyro tower in Malaysia.It's located n Bandar Hilir, so it is easy to go there.

9)More Museum (Muzium Umno Melaka, Muzium Setem Melaka, Muzium Dunia Melayu Islam)

10)Malacca Planetarium Adventure Science Centre, aka Melaka Planetarium, is a learning centre dedicated to the exciting world of astronomy and science. The Islamic-inspired complex houses multiple exhibition areas together with a cafeteria, a library and also Malaysia’s largest dome theatre for periodical movie screenings

11)The Maritime Museum certainly merits a visit. Scuttle up for an in-depth look into Malacca’s history via old maps, scale-model ships, weaponry and nautical-related accessories and relics

Many other places to visit - Melaka Batik House, Melaka Botanical Gardens, Melaka Crocodile Farm, Melaka Raya, Melaka River, Melaka Wonderland Thee Park, Melaka Raya, Melaka Zoo,Perigi hang Tuah, Royal Malaysia Navy Museum, St John For, Taman Mini Malaysian & ASEAN, Dataran Pahlawan and many more. It worth it visit Malacca!!

Note: Entri ini di tulis dalam Bahasa English dalam usaha mempromosikan Malaysia di mata dunia.. he he di samping terasa kerinduan yang membuak untuk mengarang dalam Bahasa English. (anyway maafkan grammar yang berterabur ini)

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