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Friday, February 7, 2014

Menyembuhkan penyakit dengan Asma'ul Husna, Nama-Nama Allah

Healing By Allah's Names - بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
Dr Ibrahim Karim a Biologist discovered that Asma'ul Husna, Most Beautiful Names of Allah have Healing Powers for a large number of diseases.

Dr Ibrahim used precision methods in the Measurement of Energy within the Human Body and discovered that every Name of Allah Stimulates Energy in the Immune System of the Human Body to work efficiently on certain ideal parts.
He discovered that by mentioning (reciting) Asma'ul Husna leads to improvement in tracking Bio Energy within the human body.
After 3 years of research, he concluded the followings :

1. Ears – As Sami' (The all Hearing)
2. Bones – An Nafi' (The creator of good)
3. Backbone – Al Jabbar (The Compeller)
4. Knee – Ar Ra’uf (The Clement)
5. Hair – Al Badi' (The Originator)
6. Heart – An Nur (The Light)
7. Muscles – Al Qawiyy (The All Strength)
8. Heart Waves – Al Wahhab (The giver of All)
9. Heart Muscle – Ar Razzaq (The Sustainer)
10. Nerve – Al Mughni (The Enricher)
11. Artery – Al Jabbar (The Compeller)
12. Stomach – Alr Razzaq (The Sustainer)
13. Cancer – Al Jalil (The Mighty)
14. Thyroid – Al Jabbar (The Compeller)
15. Thigh- Ar Rafi (The Exalter)
16. Migraine – Al Ghani (The Rich One)
17.Eye Arteries–Al Muta'ali(The Supreme One)
18. Kidney – Al Hayyu (The Ever Living One)
19. Colon – Ar Ra’uf (The Clement)
20. Intestine – Ar Razzaq (The Sustainer)
21. Liver – An Nafi (The creator of good)
22. Pancreas – Al Bari (The Make of Order)
23. Fatty Sacks – An Nafi' (The creator of good)
24. Womb – Al Khaliq (The Creator)
25. Bladder – Al Hadi (The Guide)
26.Rheumatism–Al Muhaymin(The Guardian)
27. Prostate – Ar Rashid (The Righteous Teacher)
28. Nerves of the Eye – Az Zohir (The Manifest One)
29. Pineal Gland – Al Hadi (The Guide)
30. Blood Pressure – Al Khafid (The Abaser)
31. Lung - Ar Razzaq (The Sustainer)
32. Thymus Gland – Al Qawiyy (The All Strength)
33. Gland above the Kidney – Al Bari (The Make of Order)
34. Hair Peel – Al Jalil (The Mighty)
35. The Nasal Cavities – (Al Lateef, Al Ghani, Ar Raheem)
36. Eyes – (An Nur, Al Basir, Al Wahhab)

Method Of Treatment :

Place your palms on where the pain is and praise Allah's Names by saying e.g. YA SAMI' YA SAMI'...... or YA LATIF YA LATIF...... or YA WAHHAB YA WAHHAB...... according to your disease until the pain subsides, heals or cures, INSHA ALLAH.

Remember: These Results From Reciting the Names of Allah and Totally Depending On The Will of Allah The Almighty. Masha Allah.

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