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Monday, September 22, 2014

Bukit Melawati

This entry is an old entry, I left it in a draft and never publish it. The main reason it was never been published because during that time I want to practice my English writing skills, but suddenly feel a bit shy to post it as my English is not so perfect. 

But now after much thinking, I just want to go about it, practice my English writing skills and publish this entry with a much determination. 

Who have been to Bukit Melawati before? 

Bukit Melawati is located at Kuala Selangor, Selangor and strategically located facing the 'Selat Melaka' and Sumatera, Indonesia. It's a peaceful town about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

Bukit Melawati is a historical hill and today, it is a one of Kuala Selangor's most popular attraction, not only tourist but also local people. 

When we arrived there, there are several local people and a few tourist, waiting for the train to arrive, to bring us to the top. We also can walk to the top but with the three stooges with us it is become impossible!

The entrance to Bukit Melawati, here we go!!

Opps...berapa harga tiket, bang?

Of course we have to pay the ticket, which is very cheap. For 1-3 years old - FREE, 4-12  years old - RM1 and Adult -RM 3.00 only!!

Yes, the train is coming!!

For the kids, one of the main attraction here is the train, of course. And we were very lucky,we only have to wait about 5 minutes until the train was coming.

Yeah..we are inside the train

 Starting to move...

The view down there look smaller...


Is he pray that the train will not fall?

Ready for today's journey!
Ok je..tak takut pun!


The Bukit Malawati's map, it wasvery hot the boys hardly could open their eyes

The muzium
At first we though we want to go to the muzium, but unfortunately the muzium was closed..

The lighthouse, on top of the hills

The lighthouse was built in 1900 an and today, it still functions as a guiding light for ships along the coastline of Kuala Selangor. We can only view it from outside the fencedoor as the light house remains locked at all times.
The brave boy on top the edge of the hill

A spectacular view of Kuala Selangor

The canons sit around the hill slopes..It's not- function anymore. 
The monkeys are one of the attraction here!
Interact with the monkey!!

The lush, greenish and beautiful view of Bukit Melawati, covering the tourist from the sun

That's all for today, thank you for reading my entry :-)

p/s Yeayy berjaya tulis dalam BI walaupun the grammar is not so perfect I guess. But I believe people do learn and improve.